CNC drilling, milling and thread cutting - HASS VF 4

Super Speed Vertical CNC milling machine for drilling, milling, tapping, etc., with "Umbrella" accept and the possibility of accepting 20 tools with maximum diameter of 89mm and a weight of 5.4kg.

The rate of change of tools is 4.2 seconds. Maximum working travel of the axes X = 1270mm Y = 508mm, and Z = 635mm. Maximum weight accepts the table is to 1588kg. Maximum speed is up to 8100 rev / min.

The lubrication is done by oil emulsions. 15 '' LCD screen with a management console for easy programming of G-Code. Programs are stored in the internal memory of the machine, with the possibility of simulation.

The machine has a pre-programmed macros for easier and faster programming basic operational activities.