Selfunloading container 4 m3 - type Forester

Selfunloading container 4 m3 - type Forester

It's used for manipulating the chipped wood. Base of the container is made of steel profiles 50x30mm, provided with a lug for receiving forklift. There is an upgrade for self-dumping made ​​of steel profile 50x30 mm, and vertical rails made ​​of steel tube diameter of 40 mm. Stocked with rifled steel wheels Ø 100 mm which provide lateral displacement. A dumpers are secured across the wire rope and pulley. Containers kibbles are made ​​of steel profile 50x30 mm and coated with pickled sheet. All is protected with primer and paint (green RAL 6001).

1 capacity (m3) dimensions (mm) product code
4, otvoreni 2200 x 1650 x 1450


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