Playing device double tree

Playing device is made of high quality processed wood protected in three layers with Sadolin® varnish. Woodworking: carpentry, planing and finishing, fine sanding. Tree top and deck are made of waterproof plywood 21mm protected with varnish for wood. The game consists of two sets of wood, each connected by a bridge. Throughout the length of the bridge was carried out stylized fence on both sides of the reconciliation of the boards d20 mm, height 600 mm. Climbers on the platform of wood which is derived in the form of steps is provided with the left and right side of a network consisting of steel cables which are covered with polyester fabric that has UV protection and protection against burning. Each rope consists of 6 strands. Each end of the cable has a hub attached to the cable with safety connector. The connectors are individually overflow of material of high density, resistant to vandalism. The base of reconciliation made of plywood (birch, smoothrough, anti-skid). Slides' troughs are made of polyester laminate. The construction using galvanized metal anchors or screws stabilized in the base. All compounds secured with galvanized torban and plywood screws.

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6470x4050x3280mm 10601064

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