Playing device Castle with two towers

Playing facility is made of high quality processed wood protected in three layers with Sadolin® varnish. Woodworking: carpentry, planing and finishing, fine sanding. The device consists of two sets of castles, each connected by a suspension bridge. Each castle has made two windows on each side. Throughout the length of the bridge there is stylized fence on both sides of the reconciliation of waterproof plywood 21mm protected varnish for wood. Climbers on the platform of wood which is derived in the form of steps is provided with the left and right sides of waterproof plywood 21mm. The walls of the castle are also made of waterproof plywood 21mm protected varnish for wood. The base of reconciliation made quality wooden planks along the reconciliation. The bed of slides made of polyester laminate. The construction using galvanized metal anchors or screws stabilized in the background. All compounds secured with galvanized torban and plywood screws.

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4450x820x1450mm 10601066

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