Mobile recycling yard type 3

Mobile recycling yard type 3

A complete system adapted for raising and lowering the transport truck lifter

The bearing structure is welded steel structure made of limakvalitete (RST 37.2) 3 mm thick.

Metal creepage acceptance for transportation pickup in cestovnomprometu

the method of raising and lowering the vehicle: raising the chains on the vehicle

Outside based and final corrosion protected dovokponentnom paint 2K-PUR-HS, thickness of 100 microns - C1.

< p> Under the mobile recycling yard made of galvanized sheet metal thickness of 0.75 mm at the bottom, waterproof plywood 18 mm, the upper side covered with anti-static floor thickness 2 mm.

the ceiling mobile yard, top of the flat sheet galvanized thickness of 0.75 mm, stone wool insulation 100 mm, polyurethane panel 50 mm thick with the bottom of the

the side walls are made of metal sheet metal 3 mm.

Double doors metal performance minimum size 900 x 2200mm with two front side

color Garden: according to customer with marked messages to the longer sides.

Manipulation truck, crane, lift truck, forklift

A special separate area for hazardous waste.

mounting brackets equipment for safe transportation.

1 dimensions (mm) code
4000 x1800 x 2250 mm sa nosačima za transport 11089

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