Mobile recycling yard type 2

Mobile recycling yard type 2

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Temporary storage in a small, functional and well-organized space.

MRY type 2 for transport and manipulation Selflifter truck or lorry with a crane, intended for separate collection and temporary storage of special types of waste, which as a mobile unit easily moves .

the metal structure is made of steel and steel tubular profiles.

MRY on the short side has double doors that allow loading and unloading of containers for waste collection.

• & nbsp; & nbsp; & Nbsp; 6 bowl green body and cover made of polyethylene volume of 240 liters.

• & nbsp; & nbsp; & Nbsp; 3 pots of green body and cover made of polyethylene volume of 1100 liters.

• & nbsp; & nbsp; & Nbsp; 2 pots of red and white body made of polyester laminate with a capacity of 20 liters.

• & nbsp; & nbsp; & Nbsp; 9 belt high strength with its hooks in the metal structure for attaching plastic containers & nbsp; during transport.

• & nbsp; & nbsp; & Nbsp; 12 galvanized metal door with an opening for inserting waste.

• & nbsp; & nbsp; & Nbsp; 2 holes on the side of the battery and medication.

SOFTWARE - 9 automatic measurement of battery containers which are & nbsp; equipped with two proportional ultrasonic sensors including the transmitter and acceptor. Each of the device & nbsp; properly set up within the structure to measure the percentage of battery containers. The device enables & nbsp; that data is sent using the free radio frequency UHF 868 MHz or through GPRS modem - or SIM card. & nbsp; One Softwerska license that is installed on your computer that allows you to see the charge level of each store for a particular faction within the metal structure.

dimensions (mm) code
4700x1950x2250 mm

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