Mobile ecological storage

The mobile ecological storage compartment consists of a steel load-bearing structure, roof and bottom in the form of a steel bar grating. Bins / tanks are housed inside the repository. The complete construction is a solid and harmonious unit that assures static stability when transferring the unit with full tanks. The front of the metal construction consists of two-wire solid wedge doors, protected by two-layer anti-corrosion coating, equipped with a latch and lock lock preparation. The tank is covered in the upper part of the grid and the bottom made of impermeable material resistant to the hazardous waste (acid and alkaline) with a minimum volume of 1200 l, with a controlled valve for controlled release of the collected fluid. On the tanks, stand-by is accepted - "hooks" for crane transfer.

Choose the type of container by type of waste:
Eco container dim. 1250x1000x900 mm Volume: 1000 l
Eco container for fluo pipe dim. 1500x600x350 mm Volume: 300 l
Cistern dim. Ø 1000 x 1500 mm (W x H) Volume: 1000 l
Storage tank for 640 l capacity Edible oil container Volume: 250 l
Container with lid Volume: 500 l
Plastic containers dim. 600x400x300mm Volume: 60 l

1 dimensions (mm) product code
4000x1500x2700mm 10120001

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