Kiosk for selling bakery products 3

Kiosk for selling bakery products 3

Kiosk for selling bakery products dimensions of 3470x3470x3000 mm. The supporting structure of kiosk made ​​of cold-formed steel 3 mm. Steel structure is protected by paint primer and varnish. The roof of the kiosk with a double aperture width of 380 mm and drainage of surface water to the rear. The load-supporting structure of the roof is made of steel profiles, coated fiberglass 4mm. Floor construction on the lower side is coated sheet 1.25 mm and is protected by epoxy bitumen. Floor insulation is 80 mm rock wool, OSB 18 mm, 2 mm sponge and final laminate 6mm. Roof insulation 100mm, rock wool and final suspended ceiling Richter®. The front of the kiosk is constructed as a sales showroom with pult width of 400 mm and 1000 mm canopy with shutters. The front wall is made of aluminum profiles and panels. A.l shutters. dimensions of 3100x1575 mm PU 77, brown color. The sides and rear are made of: ​​two Al. glass walls dimensions of 850 mm, one Al. door dimensions of 900x2000 mm on the side, and one Al. door dimensions of 800x2000 on the back. Other walls are coated with thermal panels 50 mm. A room with a toilet bowl dimensions of 1100x750 mm and a built-in window 600x600 mm, picolo basin, with associated plumbing. Electrical installation in PE tiles.
- Distribution cabinet with automatic fuses and FID switch
- Luminaires with switch 2 pcs
- Ceiling in the sanitary area with a switch 1 pc
- Socket 3 pcs
- The switch for outdoor advertising with wiring 1 pcs
The color of kiosk is bronze.
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