Kiosk Fast Food 4

Kiosk Fast Food 4

The steel structure of the container, the supporting pillars, floor and roof, are made of cold-rolled profiles 3 mm thick, quality ST37. & Nbsp;

Anti-corrosion protection primer and a top coat of paint to RAL 9006. The walls are made of thermal panels 50 mm thick, RAL 9006. The container in the upper part of the final laminated polyester laminate thickness of 5 mm and paraffin for complete water resistance. The ceiling is thermoisolated mineral wool thickness of 100 mm, the final inside coated with Iveral white 10 mm. & Nbsp;

The roof double the aperture across the entire circumference of 400 mm width. Within the perimeter of the pent roof with a slope toward the back wall. The vertical pipe ø100 drainage. The roof and the aperture across the entire circumference made as complete a whole made of polyester laminate works 100% vodonepropusnosti.Krov double RAL 9006. & nbsp;

Under the container closed bottom steel sheet thickness of 1.25 mm, Bituminous Epoxy bitumen, mineral wool insulation thickness of 100 mm, a vapor barrier of PE film. As a final layer on the upper surface betonyp plates and Tarkett conductive substrate. Storage space dimension: 1500x3000 mm rebuilt, the walls are made of thermal panels 50 mm thick, RAL 9006. PVC door dim. 700x2000 mm. & Nbsp;

In skladišnome area of ​​PVC window dim. 600x600 mm frosted glass. & Nbsp;

HARDWARE: Shelving storage total height of 2000 mm smoke. 1500x2x300 mm kpl 3 & nbsp;

& nbsp; The steel structure made of pipes metal dim.30x30x2 mm angle iron 30x30 mm and QSB boards 20 mm. Construction of the final protected with primer and varnish. Shelf capacity per m² 200 kg. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; Sales space dimensions: 4500x2800 mm & nbsp;

Options: - TABLE dimensions 4500x400x200 mm made of polyester laminate-tenda over the counter plasificirano canvas color according to customer's RAL 7040 logo, canvas on steel substructure. - The front glass wall with sliding window made of Al. profile with shutters, all according to technical drawing attached - doors PVC front smoke. 800x2000 mm, the outside door handle ball. - Retropults dimensions of 4500x500 mm shelves - OPEN - POLICE on the back wall, top shelf depth of 300 mm -open, lower shelf depth of 600 mm - closed, all according to technical drawing attached - Sink with strainers and water heater, the position according to technical drawings & nbsp;

& nbsp; Electrical installation in PVC tiles, wall-mounting: - distribution box with circuit breakers type CHF B10 / 0.03 A / 1N and B16 / 0.03 A / 1N and FID switch 40 / 0,03 A kpl 1 - luminaire, fluorescent 2 x 36 W with switch pieces 3 - socket 230 / 2p pieces 6 - jack phase of cafe coffee pcs 1 - external terminal for power supply 234/400 V, 50 Hz, 5P pcs 1 - equalization potential within the container / grounding


1 dimensions (mm) code
36000x2800x3000 mm

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