Device for walking

Device for walking

(5. body coordination)

FUNCTION: Increased mobility of the lower extremities, coordination and body balance, improves heart and lung capacity, strengthening the leg muscles and the muscles of the buttocks.

USE: Grab hold of the handle and stand on the pedals, adjust the body to center and relax by walking back and forth alternately, without forced motion.

 REALISATION: Beneficial effect on the physical condition of the individual. The recommended daily amount of exercise at least 10 minutes at a normal pace.

 Firmly grasp the handle in order to avoid accidents, do not get down off the machine until the pedals come into parallel stationary position.

The device is made ​​from round steel tubing, reinforced rolled sheet. Thickness of 8 mm. Plain bearings are made of bronze with a built-in electric applicators. Steel structure is protected by paint primer and paint finish. Device with the anchor clamp is secured to the concrete.

dimensions (mm) product code
1052x530x1450 4646

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