Device for the waistline

Device for the waistline

(2. warmup)

FUNCTION: Exercise your waist, helping to relax the muscles and back, solidifies the mobility and flexibility of the lumbar area.

USE: Grasp the handles with both hands, keep your balance and rotate your body from side to side in a way that does not put pressure.

REALIZATION: Beneficial effect on the physical condition of the individual. The recommended daily amount of exercise, 3 sets of 2 minute each. Break between each set is 5 seconds. Do not let go of handles during exercise..

Sprava je izrađena iz okruglih čeličnih cijevi, ojačana toplovaljanim limom debljine 8 mm. Klizni ležaji su izrađeni iz elektro bronce sa ugrađenim mazalicama.  Okretni podovi izrađeni od vodootporne blažujke debljine 18 mm, stolarski obrađene. Čelična konstrukcija zaštićena temeljnom bojom i završnim lakom. Sprava se preko sidrene stope učvršćuje na betonsku podlogu.The device is made ​​from round steel tubing and reinforced rolled sheets, thickness of 8 mm. Plain bearings are made of bronze with a built-in electric applicators. Swivel floors are made of waterproof plywood 18 mm thick, carpentry processed. Steel structure protected by paint primer and paint finish. Device with the anchor clamp secured to the concrete.

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Ø1600x1270 4643

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