Device for the upper extremities, chest and back

Device for the upper extremities, chest and back

(8. exercise)

FUNCTION: Strengthening and developing the muscles of the upper extremities, chest and back, improving cardio and lung capacity.

 USE: Sit down and lean back on the chair seat and grab hold of the handle with both hands, pull and slide. Suitable for use for two persons simultaneously.

 REALISATION: Beneficial effect on the physical condition of the individual. The recommended daily amount of exercise 3 sets of 10 exercises, break between each set of 5 seconds.

 The power exercise that can be achieved without overdoing it in rhythm. If you feel pain, stop the exercise.

The device is made ​​from round steel tubing, reinforced rolled sheet thickness of 8 mm. Plain bearings are made of bronze with a built-in electric applicators. The seats are made from waterproof stiffened plates 18 mm thick, carpentry processed. Steel structure protected by paint primer and paint finish. Device with the anchor clamp is fixed to the concrete.

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