CRO container light

CRO container light

The container is designed for the collection of municipal waste, glass, PET and MET packaging.
Made of sheet metal and steel pipes. On the container is an opening for insertion of waste, suited to secondary type of raw materials. On the front of the container is a door for emptying the containers. In the interior of the container is pa PE 600 liter bag that is secured on the "U" brackets and allows easy emptying. The container is primed and finished with light gray RAL 7,001 varnish.
Stickers colored according to their purpose with an inscription.



komunalni 600 650 x 650 x 1350 5416
PET 600 650 x 650 x 1350 5705
MET 600 650 x 650 x 1350 5706
staklo 600 650 x 650 x 1350 5707

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