Combined device type FLORA

Combined device type FLORA

It consists of three small towers connected to a single tunnel and a single 100 cm long junction, on one side there is a slope leading to the tunnel with which it connects the central platform, which is also an entrance, via a staircase with a fence On the second side platform we have the exit in the form of a slope. The runner relies on the flange mounted on the pylons.

The roof of the central home is in the color of the flower.

The device is designed for smaller children and therefore the platform is at a minimum height of 900mm from the ground. The central platform protects the roof in the shape of a flower.

The pillars of the boxes are made of laminated material

The foundation of a home is done with square, hot-core elemental elements. Designed according to EN 1176 standards for the production of equipment for children's playgrounds.

1 dimensions (mm) product code
7000x3000x2300mm 10601069

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