Closet for selective collection

The modern solution for beautification and environmental protection of the garbage. Simple and functional choice. The modern and urban design. Energization of a different architecture of urban centers, squares, parks, shopping centers. Possible upgrade of interconnected modular units in series, in a single unit costing three standard garbage cans. Wardrobe is designed for installation on all public and private areas. The front of the closet door, which includes the opening allow the extraction of 120 L bins outside, and their quick removal. Supplied fully assembled Cupboard made of sheet metal d = 1.2 mm and square tubes dim.60x60 mm. Provides high-quality locks, hinges and handles made of HDPE's. They are produced in two ways, as a closet to which the decorative purposes can grow flowers, and as a cabinet without flowers where the top cover (3 pcs) opens upwards and which is provided with gas struts that hold the lid in the up position to be able to charged 120 L bins for certain types of raw materials. The front of the closet contains both options door (item 3) that allow the extraction opening 120 L bucket out, and their discharge.

space dimenensions (mm) code
3 kante 120 L TIP 1 2040 x 600 x 1080 mm
TIP 2 2040 x 600 x 1000 mm

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