Basket for platforms  large

Basket for platforms large

Capacity 2000 kg. Construction baskets made ​​of steel square tubing 100x50x3 mm. Floor is coated with 5.4 mm tear sheet metal and further reinforced with a grid of U profiled steel from 5mm sheets. The pages are coated with OK plate knitting, 50x50x5 mm. Doors, 970x1030 mm, made ​​of steel square tube 50x50x3 mm and placed on two swivel hinge, Ø 24 mm with full profile opening. Closing the door with the switch over profiles made ​​from 5mm sheets. In the corner are baskets with claps designe to attach a hook made ​​of satin stee,l ≠ 90x15 mm, onto them. The entire structure is protected using hot dip galvanizing.

1 dimensions (mm) product code
2400 x 1320 x 1250 mm 3522

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