History, a guarantee for the future

Our history is a guarantee for the future because since the establishment in 1983, first as a craft activity and then as a limited liability company, does not cease to move forward and invest in the continuous development of human resources and production technology. It is on the constant development in all fields, with more aggressive performance in the domestic and foreign markets, and increase the volume of production by introducing new products and expanding existing programs, we base our future.

The company Kova realizes its activity on 5000 m² of office space in Mraclin. With its program of equipment for environmental protection we are represented in all parts of the Croatian, and we like pioneers began to produce in 1990. Today, all major cities in Croatia equipped with an environmental protection that is produced in our plants. Part of our production is exported from the program in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia.

The program of equipment for children's playgrounds which we introduced in 1995. Step by step conquering Croatian market, with the intention of a significant increase in production volume and market share. Furthermore, Kova products and a wide program of various steel structures with whose production we started in 2000 and which is entirely exported. Residential containers and kiosks for special purposes are also recognized for the quality of materials and performance in Slovenia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and around the Republic of Croatia.

We are aware that in order to survive in the market need to constantly insist on the development, processing, market and improve the organization, so in that direction, and we design our policies and objectives. We insist on values ​​that are always in the foreground: put customers at the center of their attention; appreciate, we challenge and reward our people; we strive to be leaders in the field of sustainability, and its future is built on the foundations of the family business.